10 Secrets you missed in “Without Me” - Halsey.
Halsey formally known as “Ashley Nicolette Frangipane” is an upcoming artist to the top charts of the music industry. Hasley rapidly grew due her famous song with “Big Sean” entitled Halsey - “Alone” ft “Big Sean” “Stefflon Don”. Her music has reached over 36 million views and still continues to rise. Halsey is on an amazing start for being so young. She is talented in in many ways such as acting. She has been featured in very popular shows such as “The Voice”, “Saturday Night Live”, and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show. What makes her so special is that she is doing both acting and music at same time. She has recently voice acted on the famous movie “Teen Titans” which was released this year. I am glad to see Ashley “Halsey” rise to fame and start breaking the ice within fame. We are looking at a superstar and will most likely be all over the music industry before the year ends and the beginning of 2019.